Is Your Computer Part Of A Botnet? How Can You Tell?

A spam campaign infects Skype users with malware. The malware places the infected machine into a botnet with other infected machines. We examine the consequences. Read More

Cybercrime On The Rise: Why No Relief Is In Sight

A study examines cybercrimes and why they are predicted to increase. We examine what it means for employers. Read More

How An Employee-Vendor Scheme Cost One Employer $4.5 Million

FBI investigates an employee's office supply scheme that left one public employer $4.5 million short. We examine the scheme and what lessons employers can learn. Read More

Managing Unauthorized Overtime: What Managers Need To Know

Leslie Zieren

When an employee works overtime without authorization, many managers want to withhold wage payments. Leslie Zieren examines why this is not a best practice. Read more...


New Overtime Rules Are Here: Their Impact And What Employers Need To Consider

Jack McCalmon

Employers have been waiting for nearly a year for the DOL revisions to the overtime rules. Jack McCalmon lays out the new changes, their impact and provides steps employers can take. Read more...


How Negative Work Cultures Can Affect Productivity And Cause Litigation

Leslie Zieren

A positive work culture can do wonders for your productivity, but the opposite can do more than chase off your best performers. Leslie Zieren examines. Read more...


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