Sticking Your Head In The Sand Will Not Make Sexual Harassment Go Away

Woman sues employer for sexual harassment by her manager. She refuses to return to work. Learn about how important training during orientation is for reducing risk. Read More

Anti-Bullying Laws: Good Or Bad For The Workplace?

We polled our readers to learn if they are in favor of anti-bullying laws. Find out how they responded, and read how bullying can be avoided in the workplace. Read More

Fantasy Football - Productivity Drain Or Stress Reliever?

It's football time, and fantasy football teams are heating up. Learn why one group says it costs employers billions. We examine the issues. Read More

Is Hate Speech Free Speech? Why Private Employers Shouldn't Worry About Crossing The Line


Although private employers are not subject to the First Amendment, Kirstin Heffner explains why and why employers should have policies that prohibit hate speech. Read more...


Another Day, Another Data Breach ... Be Proactive To Limit Damage


A large hospital network becomes yet another victim of international hackers. Read how ongoing risk assessment is key to keeping sensitive data safe. Read more...


Litigation Pitfalls: Managing Reference Requests


The terminated employee is out the door, and you heave a sign of relief. Not so fast ... Leslie Zieren points out the pitfalls of a reference request. Read more...


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