Anatomy Of A Ransomware Attack

Hackers hit a Maine police department with ransomware. What did the police do? Paid the ransom in bitcoin. We examine what happened, why they had to pay, and how to avoid the risk. Read More

General Releases: Do They Work For Wage And Hour Claims?

Wage and hour claims are still surging. What can employers do to try to settle before litigation, and what should they watch out for? Read More

Our Readers Let Us Know If Being Older Matters When Looking For A Job

We asked our readers if being older is a negative when looking for work. The answer may not surprise you, but the numbers may. Read More

Remote Workers: What Data Security Risks Do They Present?


A new survey shows remote employees may not have all the tools to be productive. We examine what they need and the security risks remote employees present their employers. Read more...


Whining, Pouting, And Temper Tantrums: Is That Your Workplace?


A new survey discovers that kindergarten behaviors are prevalent in the workplace. We show the results and ask you to share your opinion. Read more...


Hold The Regulation Train! DOL Postpones Implementation Of New Overtime Regulations

Jack McCalmon

The Department of Labor announces it will postpone implementation of the new overtime threshold requirement. Jack McCalmon examines what this means for employers. Read more...


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