Smart Hiring And Retention: Saving Money And Lowering Risk

A new survey gives detail to the cost of hiring employees. We examine the loss prevention benefits of making good hires and retaining them. Read More

Cyber Recklessness: Many Employers Still Not Securing Sensitive Data

A survey confirms employers still have much to learn about protecting confidential data. We examine. Read More

Employees Downloading Malware Every Four Seconds: Can Employers Reverse The Trend?

Malware attacks have increased nine-fold, according to a new survey. We examine why and provide some best practice insight. Read More

Wages And The Weather

Leslie Zieren

Hurricane Matthew leaves east coast states responding to flooding. When the office is closed because of a weather disaster, what should managers know? Leslie Zieren looks at the wage aspects of these disruptions. Read more...


Is Election Speech Protected Speech? How Workplaces Should Address It

Jack McCalmon

A survey indicates that the election and the divided electorate are stressing out the workplace. Jack McCalmon provides some ideas on how employers can minimize their risk from election speech litigation. Read more...


The ADA And Domestic Abuse

Kirstin Heffner

Do you manage employees who are the victims of domestic abuse, dating violence or sexual assault? Kirstin Heffner explains the risk for ADA claims. Read more...


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