OSHA Embraces Lower Standard To Assist Whistleblowers

OSHA endorses the reasonable cause standard for whistleblowers. What does that mean for employers? Read More

Understanding Pretext: What It Is And Why Some Managers Fall Into The Trap

A 19-year employee returns from FMLA leave to find his file filled with negative reviews. We examine the concept of pretext and how employers can avoid it. Read More

Apps That Track An Employee's Movements: What Are The Limitations?

An employee sues her employer after her employer terminates her for disabling an app that tracked her movements. What are the risks with such apps? Read More

What Attributes Does Your Organization Want For Management?


A survey of advertising execs reveals what attributes lead to promotion in that industry. Share with us what means success in your organization. Read more...


Why Underperformers Are Paid Bonuses They Don't Deserve

Jack McCalmon

Recent survey shows underperforming managers still receive bonuses. Jack McCalmon asks: "What's up with that?" and details how employers can use bonuses as effective performance tools. Read more...


Toxic, But Productive Employees: Should You Tolerate Or Punt Them?

Jack McCalmon

New survey shows that the bad, but productive, apple on your team could damage you and your workplace. Jack McCalmon examines how to manage the toxic, but productive employee. Read more...


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