LGBT Bias Cases: Is This A Litigation Trend?

Statistics show LGBT cases are increasing, but how does this risk compare to other equal employment risks? We examine. Read More

Data Theft And Corruption: Someone Else's Problem? Think Again

Almost 70 percent of employers have had an issue with insider data theft and corruption. We examine. Read More

We Don't Talk Anymore - Communication, Turnover And Litigation

A UK survey reports that lack of communication leads to turnover. We examine the results and the risks of a lack of communication. Read More

Is There a Cougar On The Prowl In Your Workplace? Managers Beware

Kirstin Heffner

Kirstin Heffner discusses why workplace affairs are never a good idea. Read more...


Misclassification Part One: The Nature Of The Problem

Leslie Zieren

Employers who classify a worker an independent contractor instead of an employee could face trouble from the worker, the DOL, and the IRS. Leslie Zieren explains. Read more...


What Makes Your Employees Tick?

Kirstin Heffner

Employee retention affects the bottom line for employers. Kirstin Heffner explains your role in employee retention as a manager or supervisor. Read more...


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