Time For A Check Up: What Every Employer Can Do To Improve Employee Health And Wellness

Large employers push health and wellness, but small businesses lag behind. What can you do to improve employee health and wellness without breaking the bank? Read More

DOL Proposes Updates To Sex Discrimination Regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor discloses its intent to update its sex discrimination guidelines. What are the guidelines, and who do they impact? Read More

Is Resignation A Defense To Charges Of Sexual Harassment?

After reporting sexual harassment, an employee resigns and then sues her employer and supervisor. We examine how resignations affect sexual harassment liability. Read More

Going Through The Backdoor: Thieves Stealing Data Via Businesses You Work With


Hackers can access your personal data by breaking into the databases of those you do business with. Learn ways to protect your privacy. Read more...


Supreme Court Rules On Pregnancy And Accommodation - What Should Employers Do Going Forward?

Jack McCalmon

Is the Young v. UPS decision a victory or a defeat for employers and what does it mean for your organization? Jack McCalmon gives his analysis. Read more...


If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em. Should Employers Encourage Workplace Romances?


New survey shows romance is rampant in the workplace, including with the boss. Is banning workplace love a waste of time or smart loss prevention? Read more...


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