HIV In The Workplace: Does Safety Outweigh Equal Employment Protections?

An employer settles with an employee, fired for having HIV. What are the risks of HIV and how should employers address them? Read More

The Big Whammy: The Real Dollar Impact Of A Sexual Harassment Verdict

Employer is ordered to pay $1.1M in damages and fees on top of $1.4M already paid. We examine the real dollar costs associated with losing a sexual harassment case. Read More

Wearables: A Novelty For Our Readers, But What Are The Risks?

We wanted to know from our readers if anyone at their workplaces uses wearable technology. Read on to learn their answers and if this technology can create a liability risk. Read More

Whistleblowing Goes High-Tech: How Can Employers Compete?


New software is announced that allows whistleblowers to upload information securely. What strategies can employers implement to address wrongdoing before it goes public? Read more...


Sticks And Stones: Calling An Employee "Bin Laden" Leads To Litigation


Manager calls a subordinate "Bin Laden" and a lawsuit follows. Read more, and comment if name-calling is an issue in your workplace. Read more...


Regulatory Smack Down: How A Fake Cybersecurity Breach Forced An Employer To Close Its Doors

Jack McCalmon

Whistleblowers, a fake breach claim, and charges of extortion lead to a business's end. Jack McCalmon gives tips on protecting your organization from these risks. Read more...


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