Ask Jack: Is There One Group Of Employees That Presents A Higher Risk Of Cyber Threats Than Other Employees?

By Jack McCalmon, The McCalmon Group, Inc.

We want to provide some cybersecurity training to our employees. Is there one particular group of employees that needs the training more than others?


Every employee needs cybersecurity training. Obviously, certain departments (i.e., human resources, IT, finance) are targeted by cybercriminals more than other departments, but every employee presents a target.

One study sheds light that age may play a part as to which employees present the greatest risk. According to research from Last Pass, 69 percent of Gen Z use some variation of the same password for most accounts, and Gen Z employees are the most confident about their password management.

So, according to this study, Gen Z has the worst password habits, but believe they have the best.

By no means is everyone else a cyber safety superhero. According to the same survey, 62 percent of all respondents, no matter their ages, admit using the same password or variant of the same password for multiple accounts.

The takeaway is every employee needs cybersecurity training, no matter their age or department. Some departments may need more training than others, but everyone should be required to be trained.

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